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Students Wall of Fame!

Celebrate your motorcycling success by being added to the bike-moore wall of fame....

Previous bike-moore student? Want to be added to the wall of fame with your new bike? Email your picture to Emma - Don't forget to add any pictures and comments to bike-moore's facebook page also.

Pavel Jelinek and brand new GSR (December 12)
John Gunn and the Speed Triple (like father, like son) (December 12)

Well done to Tristian Hill (October 12)

A very bright James Henton and his Street Triple (August 12)

Emma George and her brand spanking new Suzuki GSR (July 12)
Congratulations to Gail Jones on passing Module 1 & 2 (July 12)

 Carl Shears-Matthews and the CBR (June 12)
Peter Crane and his new bike after 2 clean sheets! (March 12)
Michael Simms after 'raising the stakes' and producing an impeccable Mod 1 & 2 result (September 11)
  Jim Mathis and the Fazer - this bike is for sale so if interested drop me a line and I will pass on Jim's number (September 11)
Darrell Cleary showing the product of his bargaining skills! (September 11)
Jamie Griffin (aka "Nettles") and his very stylish Triumph. Jamie wins the award for the furthest travelled client - driving from Paris for his motorcycle training (September 11)
  Jeremy Parkin and his shiny new bike. Hours of theraupetic polishing! (September 11)
Well done to Adam Cross after making Module 1 & 2 look easy! (August 11)
  Kris Barson and his new ZX6R (August 11)
Gregg McLeod out test riding the new BMW S1000RR the same day as passing his Mod 2! (July 11)
David Peace (left) out for a ride with some of our past CBTers after passing his A2 tests. (July 11)
Richard McKeown and THE bike. This is what happens when you tell a student about your dream bike...they go out and buy a brand spanking new one that day!!! Enjoy! (June 11)
Doug McCluire and colour co-ordinated Suzuki after breezing through his Module 1 & 2 (June 11)
Cameron and Carol Luke - a happy couple after both passed their tests. (May 11)
Claire Morphew and her beautiful CBR - See you on the Swift Sisters ride-outs! (May 11)
The lovely Ali Clifton who finally plucked up courage to take those tests, then passed with flying colours! (May 11)
The two Sue's enjoying the sunshine on the new bikes (May 11)
Aaron Merriman and a rather smart looking new bike! (May 11)
A happy Sue McNally on her new CBF - looking forward to those 'girl-power' ride outs! (May 11)
Vince Bardell and his Toseland replica (Apr 11)
  Tom Diment and the oh so stunning Z50 (not that I'm jealous...) (Apr 11).
Michael Johnston and his very new and shiny BMW - which would've been far more comfortable than the ER-6 on that sponsored ride out :0) (Apr 11).
Anna Newberry on her beautiful new bike. Thanks to Anna the training centre now offers hot chocolate and comfy ear pieces! (Apr 11)
The ever excitable Alan Hall on his R6....have you paid back the wedding fund yet Alan?? (Apr 11)
Ian Poulton and 'The Blade' (Mar 11)
A happy Alf Ferrero.....that's a lot of chrome to polish! (Feb 11). 
Jon 'Bumblebee' Baker and his new bike (Feb 11). See for motorcycle engine tuning. 
Well done Nathan - especially for that clean sheet on the Mod 2. Enjoy the new bike! (Feb 11)
Congratulations to Robert on passing his Mod 1 & 2 first time - he's now off to practice on his new Suzuki RF600R (Jan 11).
A big 'well done' to Graham Forbes on passing his Module 2 (Dec 10). He's since been back on his new bandit for an advanced lesson - isn't that cornering easier now ?! :0)
Congratulations to Jason Hone on passing his Mod 1 & 2! Enjoy the new bike (Jan 11)
Well they'll definitely see Daniel Ibbetson coming on his new bright orange Superbyke! (Jan 11)
Justin Searle - passed his Mod 2 in the morning, bought his ZX-6 in the afternoon...that's the way to do it! (Dec 10)
We finally got to see Danny Marron on his new R6 after he passed his test in October - see you soon for a ride-out! (Dec 10)
After battling through bad weather conditions and test cancellations, David Hunt finally got to take and pass his Mod 2 - Well done! (Dec 10)
 A happy John Holland after passing both Mod 1 & 2 DAS - now off to ride his Norton... (Dec 10)
OK so the wall of fame is supposed to be for students, but after meeting James Toseland whilst working for GET ON at the Carole Nash Motorcycle Live show, I had to share.......
And another one.... Simon Webbe is a GET ON supporter and came along to the show with Sarah Cawood.
Well done Mark - try to keep the bike that clean throughout this nice weather! (Oct 10)
  Jamie and his new GS500 after passing his A2 test (clean sheet on the Mod 2!) - try not to scrape the pegs too much on this one :0) (Nov 10)
Wohoo!! Carlton and his new Bandit after passing both Mod 1 & 2 first time! See you soon for a 'daylight' ride out! (Oct 10)
A jubliant Adam Hayes after passing Mod 1 & 2 (DAS) first time...and with a clean sheet on his Mod 2! (Sept 10)
A smiley Jon Baker after passing Mod 1 & 2 first time (DAS Sept 10). Look out for Jon at our open day (Jebs UK).......
Micky Peacock after passing Mod 1 & 2 (A2), now off to ride his Bandit. (Aug 10)
A happy Dan Smith after passing Module 1 & 2 first time. (Aug 10)
Stephen Wheddon our first completed CBT! (July 10)
Celebrating with 2 more successful CBT trainees, William Harries & Laura Boulton after a busy but fun first day of training. (July 10)
Two more successful CBT's from Day 2 of bike-moore
Rushi Patel & Jonathan Baker (July 10)
Our competition winner Sarah James along with Leigh Hicks receiving their CBT certificates. (July 10)
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