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30 top tips 

1) Always sort your attitude out before you start; riding bikes is


2) Be sympathetic and patient with others – we ALL make mistakes

3) Try to anticipate what might happen as well as what’s actually

going on

4) Looking well ahead lets you anticipate things earlier

5) Don’t make a move before you’ve planned it. When you move,

don’t have second thoughts

6) There’s no substitute for experience – riding as often as you can,

has many benefits

7) Fatigue is one of the biggest causes of error – try to ride only when 

you’re alert

8) Use hand signals as well as indicators to show your intentions

9) Take note of road signs and markings to ‘see’ the way ahead

10) Try to wear the brightest and most protective kit you can every 

time you ride

11) Training and safety aren’t boring and are better than a hospital visit

12) Towns are the riskiest zones to ride in. Don’t speed in urban areas

13) If you want to ride faster, pick the right time and place to do it

14) Learn to spot risky drivers by their habits and vehicles they drive.

Be suspicious of everyone

15) Approaching a side road, look in the waiting driver's eyes and

wheels as a clue to his acknowledgement snd movement



Perfect Day video

16) Don’t feel pressure to perform from others. Go at your own pace

17) Wash your bike regularly and you’ll spot wear  and tear easily

18) Using your mirrors lets you check others’ movements. Using your

indicators lets them know yours 

19) Distractions in town are numerous, keep your eyes on the road

20) Take extra care on left handers; mistakes can lead to head-ons with 

oncoming traffic

21) If you can't see over a crest of a hill, stand up on the footrests for a

better view

22) As you pass them, look down side roads, back up slip roads and

under bridges. That way you'll know what might follow you and 

what you're about to catch up

23) If you see what you think is diesel on the road, inhale sharply to

confirm by smell

24) Be assertive with oncoming traffic in towns, don’t let it push you 


25) Low level sun can make it difficult to see and be seen 

26) When riding with a pillion make sure they understand your rules

27) Don’t be scared to accelerate to safety

28) Use lower gears in town to keep rpm higher and help you 

appreciate your speed more

29) Use your brake light to warn others of hazards ahead

30) In the morning be aware of sleepy drivers peering through their mist 

or frosted windows 




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